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whats up cuz I saw you play yesterday u da man!!!!!
Greetings, I understand that you will be preforming at the class reunion.....wish I could make it. Im interested in purchasing some of your cd's. Please Advise!
Dear Gerald, Your new website is very nice. I really regret not being able to attend your next workshop March 24 and 25, I have important projects with my flute class, it is impossible to move. But I hope we can find an opportunity to meet during your stay in France ; I have already spoken with Sabine about that. Kind regards, JF
Hey Gerald, Nice photos from 2009 in NY. Congrats on the new CD. Chip
Wow, it was truely a delight to view so many pictures of you. I am really proud of you!. Darrell
Hello Mr. Gerald, I heard part of your interview on KVLU 91.3 at work Friday. I'm a big jazz fan and love to hear about different artist. I have been listening to your work and it's very impressive. I missing listening to jazz on the radio when I returned home to Beaumont, because alot of the other cities I lived in had jazz radio 24/7. Where did you attend high school in Beaumont? When will you bring your amazing style back home to Beaumont for kids and adults alike?
Mr. Beckett, My wife and I saw you play last night and were blown away. I have personally found a new appreciation for jazz flute. Thank you.
great straight ahead jazz
You're the man! A complete inspiration as a musician & Jazz flutist. Peace
Hello Gerald, I was looking at my classbook, saw you and had to send a Hello, while listing to your music.
Hey man- great to play w/ you at Savanna... love your tones. Let's play again soon.
Hello Gerald, I came across your information and wanted to say "Your Flute Music Sounds Great" . "God Bless & Good Health" Sincerely, Daryl J. http://www.myspace.com/topten2007
I continue to listen to your music, enjoy it, and encourage you to continue.
Hi from Mother-Russia! Great music!!!
Hey Gerald - nice to meet you at Rassela's on Monday. I'm sure I'll see you again since Jason is going to keep dropping by on Mondays. Great website! Peace!
Hi there... great clips!! What kind of flute mic do you use?
Gerald, I'm looking forward to working with you. Hope you like what we're doing in Buena Mezcla. Love your tone and selection of tunes. You are a pretty humble guy...I know you let your music do your talking for you...don't have to say that to you... Let's play...you got it, man...Frank
Enjoyed reading your website. I look forward to seeing you accept your grammy award and hearing your acceptance speech. Hope that I will have an opportunity to assist you in composing that awesome acceptance speech.
Enjoyed your music more than 20 years ago; good to know you are still pursuing your passion.
Gerald, I stumbled upon Flute Vibes -- it is wonderful. You are truly talented. Congratulations.
Congrats on your artistry! I visited with Ted many years ago. I recall fondly our stay in the mansion!
I found your cd Flute Vibes on iTunes and boutght a copy. It is really some great flute play! Thanks for putting this wonderful recording out there for all to enjoy. John Rush Principal Flute, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra Instructor of Flute, University of Tulsa http://www.johnrushflute.com/
My husband and I heard you on Atlanta's Jazz 91.9 radio station on 02/13/06. We both enjoyed what we heard. I as well as my husband really like your articles and Website. My husband Ulysess "Nakayo" Dupree is a self taught "Flautist" since the age of 14. You said you would like to hear from other Flute artist. My husband has one CD entitled "The Time Is Now", it can be purchased and viewed on CD Baby.com website. Hope to hear from you and hope you get a chance to listen. Enjoy! May you continue to create and grow on your musical jornney. Nakayo and Star Dupree
Gerald - I always knew you were talented from the moment I heard you play in grade school. I'm glad you followed your heart in music. Love Ya, Antoinette
Hey Gerald. Just wanted to congratulate you on your latest cd. You're amazing!!
I love your music!