Gerald Beckett hits the jackpot as he plays flute and alto flute on this rich collection of material and moods. Ranging from post bop to modal and even chamber, Beckett teams with a string section and a rotating jazz rhythm and horn team to create a rich palate of colors.” - George W. Harris

Jazz Weekly

Next To Herbie Mann, I would have to say that Gerald Beckett is one of the better Flute players I have listened to, and especially on the newer age front. ” - Matt


With all the saxophone players out there today, the number of jazz flute artists is minuscule by comparison. Beckett shows that he belongs in the mix and has both the skills and style to be a force in this underrepresented genre.” - Carmen Miller

- "FluteVibes"- here's a musician who is doing everything he can to keep jazz flute in the forefront of listeners' consciousness...he swings like mad” - John Herny

Audiophile Audition

FluteVibes - Gerald Beckett leads this quintet and sextet session which features his flute in a program of inspired jazz tunes. Each selection swings with a balance of hard bop and blues. Beckett's recommended second Summit album soars with magic vibrations that pique the senses.” - Jim Santella


Flute Vibes finds Beckett really coming into his own, both as soloist and arranger. The whole project, from the selection of the material to the execution of the arrangements, reveals Beckett's thoughtful craftsmanship.” - Peter Westbrook


FluteVibes - Beckett exhibits his virtuosity and ability to reach his audience emotionally through different feelings on each track.” - Marcia Hillman


-This album (FluteVibes) has it all... for the admirers of jazz flute, this album will more than satisfy your appetite...” - Dr Mike

From start to finish, FluteVibes is one of the best flute jazz recordings I've ever heard.” - Art Heriot - Jazz Music Director

WECS 90.1 FM

Traveling West, with the help of an excellent group of friends/musicians, who round out with harmonic depth or percussive intensity the musical suggestions that the flutist makes, Gerald Beckett has produced one of those rare releases that are available too seldom of late: a jazz flute album.” - Don Williamson


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