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MOOD - Beckett’s artistry is profound and lustrous. ” - Herb Boyd

DownBeat Magazine Reviews

MOOD - Mood strikes a big and warm old-school acoustic sound and hits it right from the opening ” - Chris M Slawecki


MOOD - Beckett is all aglow throughout” - George W Harris

Jazz Weekly

MOOD - This is music that can soothe the turmoil of the “savage breast” - Stephen Smoliar

The Rehearsal Studio

MOOD - Strongly imbued with groove and blues” - Bertrand Mourri

Jazz Infos France

MOOD - “Mood” is an album that mirrors the many moods of this gifted musician” - Dee Dee McNeil

Musical Memoirs Blog

MOOD - A solid set of jazzy flute juice from San Francisco, he's a cat that knows how to swing and bop sure to turn you out ” - Chris Spector

Midwest Entertainment: Reviews, News, and Views

MOOD - wonderful; highly recommended.” - Rick Anderson

CD Hotlist

MOOD - This new Gerald Beckett CD is killin' ” - Dr. Brad Stone

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